Victor Braun

A mountain of a man with a bald head, pale skin and a neatly trimmed goatee.


Name: Victor Braun
Calling: Possessed Underworld Overlord
Nature: Architect
Legend: 9

Str: 9 Cha: 7 Per: 4
E-Str: 6 E-Cha: 4 E-Per: 3

Dex: 5 Mani: 6 Int: 7
E-Dex: 4 E-Mani: 6 E-Int: 6

Stam: 9 Appr: 4 Wits: 5
E-Stam: 5 E-Appr: 2 E-Wits: 3

Boons: Every 1-6 dot boon from War, Sun and Chaos, as well as Magic, Mystery and Prophecy.

Str – Crushing Grip, Divine Wrath, Disfiguring Attack, Holy Bound,
Dex – Trick Shooter, Shot to the Heart, And the Crowd Goes Wild
Stam – Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Solipsistic Well-Being

Cha – Charmer, Inspirational Figure, Pied Piper, Crowd Control
Mani – Gods’ Honest, Takes One to Know One, Deprogramming, Overt Order, Instant Hypnosis, Mass Hypnosis
Appr – My Eyes Are Up Here

Per -
Int – Fight With Your Head,
Wits – Monkey in the Middle, Adaptive Fighting

Special Abilities
- Armored Shell: Though being encased in the mercurial metals of the Blade of Heaven is slowly killing him, it also provides him with an unnatural hardness and protection from much harm.
Acts as though permanantly under the affects of Body Armor, as well as granting him an additional 5A soak
- Living Metal: The strange metal of the Blade is constantly shifting and molding itself to better serve its wielder.
The Metal of his body can shift into great blades and spikes, increasing his melee attack range by 1 yard. These weapons also increase his ‘unarmed’ damage by 4L.


Formerly a Las Vegas crime boss, Victor Braun is now being slowly consumed by a shard of the Blade of Heaven which has embedded itself in his chest directly over his heart.

Victor Braun

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